I am a national media published and commissioned commercial photographer, commissioned portrait artist, and fine art printmaker who specializes in creating soulful child and preteen black and white portraits. I have experience capturing artistic theatre, creative dance,  and natural newborn portraits and will start accepting a small number of trained canine and personal branding and headshot sessions in 2023. I have created images that have been published in local and major US publications, including the New York Times, GQ, Marie Claire, Parade, and Avenue Magazines as well as having an image in Times Square and displayed multiple times inside NBS Studios. 

My work can be described as emotive, moody, and raw,  yet with a classic and soulful lean.  The portraits that I create honor the essence of and bring to life the spirit of my subjects as we sit together and create a once in a lifetime portrait. Authenticity and vulnerability are two traits that I was born valuing, so they are a natural extension of me and thus, my art.  It is the honor of my life to share, in a vulnerable moment for both me and the subject, a space where we create something that can never be duplicated or replaced. I create these works of art to be matted and framed with only the highest of industry standards. All of my images are matted with museum grade 8-ply mats and are framed for you to hand on the walls of your home and to cherish for the rest of your lives.

I am an introverted, emotional artist; a fierce mother, loyal friend, and dedicated wife; I value my relationships more than anything on earth. I have an innate gift of seeing and connecting with others, not only in real life, but in the timing of my shutter release. I shoot from my heart, telling the layered story of humans in photographs. 

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