Thank you for viewing my portrait art and for your interest in working with me to help create a once in a lifetime photograph of your child. Once a portrait, wedding, lifestyle, and commercial photographer,   I now focus solely capturing the spirit and the essence of who your child is. Did you know that one of the most basic human needs is to be seen and heard?  I want my photographs to do that; to show your child that they are truly seen in the images I take of them. I do not shoot 500 images and give you a folder full of cute images - I only offer large wall art or handmade Italian folio boxes, filled with bold white matted image in sets of 10, 20, or 30.  People display what they love. The surround themselves with things that cherish and admire.  There is no greater gift than to be able to show a child that they matter, that there beauty goes deeper than what they look like, and that your home showcases who they are.  I am in love with photographs and regularly ask friends and family to see the images that they love. When I go to someones' house, I walk around first to see the images displayed on their walls. I am drawn to portraits because it honors an individual and for some reason have been given the gift of seeing others, not only in real life, but in the timing of my shutter release. 

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