Thank you for viewing my portrait, commercial, and creative body of work and for your interest in my process or in having a once in a lifetime photograph of you or someone you love created.  I am a visual artist, introverted creative, fierce mother, a loyal friend. I hold space for those I love, with a wide open heart and rock solid belief in the inherent beauty in all humans. I currently am focusing on capturing the spirit of the one person who sits in front of my lens. I intend for the experience to be a sacred, creative space that my clients will come to remember for a lifetime. Light commercial work and head shots commissions can also be scheduled. (      

I have worked for MSNBC's "Morning Joe" shooting all talent on and off air, as well as shooting campaigns on and off air for CNBC, and have been published in local and major US publications, including the New York Times, GQ, Marie Claire, Parade, and Avenue Magazines.  My art also hangs in the homes of my clients, which means more to me than a fancy publication. My current personal project is "Capture the Quarantine" which a way for me to safely document this historical time in the lives of families who are being forced to, for the good of us all, stay inside their homes.  

Why do I focus on offering large wall prints that make a statement?  Because there is no greater gift than to be able to show a person that they matter, that their beauty goes deeper than what they look like, and that you want the place where you live, love, rest, and grow to tell the story of who they are, who you are, and what you love and cherish. 

 I am drawn to portraits because it honors the spirit of an individual. I have been given the gift of seeing others, not only in real life, but in the timing of my shutter release. I shoot with my heart and my intuition, and would love to share my space with you. 

I do not shoot 500 images. I am not a shoot and burn photographer, seeking to capture 10 different looks in 5-6 locations. My goal is for my clients to be SEEN as they truly are in the moment, and to create a portrait where they too can love what they see. Therefore, my business model relies solely on selling large wall prints or the choice of two handmade Italian folio boxes, filled with bold white matted image in sets of 10, 20, or 30.*digital files are not sold separately, and are only included with the purchase of either a large print or a folio box. Print prices start at $175 for an 11x14 museum grade print. 

Session fee is $300 and is applied to your print purchase. 

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