I am Evelyn. Once a portrait, wedding, lifestyle, and commercial photographer, I now focus solely on using my art as an evolving artistic display of my heart. This new space is a personal visual diary of the work that I connect with on a deeper level, that I am proud of, that has a voice, and that makes you feel things, for better or for worse. No longer am I displaying work to gain employment or likes or comments. The images I put out into the world will mean something to me, and will tell stories both about me and my subjects. It wasn't too long ago that I was being hired to work in NYC and New Orleans and cities in between, but that time has passed. I am proud of that hard work and those images that were previously  featured in publications such as New York Times, Vanity Fair, Mens Journal, Parade, Avenue, and  Marie Claire. I worked for while  MSNBC's Morning Joe and the CNBC network, with images displayed on those networks daily for a few years. I will show those images here, only to convey my photographic journey from then to now.  For a long time, the gift of being able to click a shutter with my heart, left me feeling like an imposter. The talent was given to me, without having to work for it and that felt fake. Being able to display the true essence of a person with my image is an embarrassment of riches on levels that are hard to describe but am feeling like this gift is supposed to be shared. 

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